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Always Moving Ahead

Zing brings the friendly future to your neighborhood. Our platform is:

Suburban Commerce: The New Frontier

Get peak convenience — and a great experience.

We're making both possible, now.

Suburban Commerce: The New Frontier

Get peak convenience — AND a great experience. We're making both possible, now.

The Spark

Neighborhoods are changing. More people than ever are working from home, and getting their daily necessities delivered to their doors. At Zing, we embrace the desire for suburban commercial convenience that’s as good as anything you get in the city. But we also see a critical gap: Not everything is meant to be delivered, not every experience is meant to happen in isolation. 

Zing believes certain daily retail experiences are hugely enhanced by connections that are physical and social as well as digital. We create magic by putting the right goods and experiences, at the right place and time, into our customers’ lives. And we do it regularly and comfortably, one community at a time.

Read our blog -- there's always something brewing!

We’re sparking a world — or neighborhood — of possibility. It’s what drives us. 


Our Zing-hicles are constantly on the move, reaching customers wherever they are. Our mobile apps integrate with our mobile vehicles, creating the complete experience.


We leverage historic, real-time, and predictive data to optimize stop locations, vehicle routes, and assignments. Our advanced algorithms seamlessly deliver complex on-demand and “walk up” service integration.


Zing service adapts to shifts in seasonal, daily, and time-of-day customer needs, providing the right offerings at the right times. Zing’s proprietary hardware and software architecture allows for flexibility in product/service offerings.


Zing’s design ensures that we’re always straightforward and easy to use. Zing’s compact yet snappy style and approach makes us a consistent kick to engage.

Founders: Tomer & Avishai

“Zing is a reflection of things we deeply believe in: personal attention, a spark in the day, a service that recognizes and accommodates a growing need in neighborhoods everywhere.”

How It Started

Zing began with Avishai’s love of Tomer’s patisseries. Avishai noticed Tomer’s superb execution and attention to detail, and was impressed by the way Tomer actively tended to his customers, bouncing to and from the kitchen to get everything perfect. A friendship began. 

Many impassioned conversations later, Avishai and Tomer began to envision what suburban commerce would look like, and what they could do to, well, zing things. Tomer wanted to ensure that every customer touch-point with service delivered pleasure and satisfaction; Avishai focused on creating a great digital/physical experience in a smart and efficient way, leveraging data and advanced algorithms.

And here we are. Ready to bring some Zing.

We’re Always Looking for Magical Partnerships 

Want to discover how suburban customers can conveniently experience your product in the magical setting they deserve? Talk To Us.

We’re rethinking the suburbs.

Join the conversation.

We’re rethinking the suburbs. Join the conversation.

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