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Senior Fullstack Engineer



We are looking for an experienced, independent, and out-of-the-box thinker to join as an early member of our engineering team. As a senior backend engineer you will assume ownership over multiple pieces of our backend architecture, ranging from infrastructure, databases, data architecture, business logic and product. As we grow, you will work with the founding team to solve the complex and expansive problem of how to rapidly scale a consumer tech company that operates on the street corners of the real world. At Zing, we try to infuse each customer experience with a bit of magic; we also know that there’s no magic if we haven’t gotten the basics of our technology design exactly right. While scaling Zing’s existing tech from one to many locations, from a few vehicle prototypes to a fleet of hundreds of smart, modular, and connected Zing-mobiles, you will work alongside our entire tech, product and operations organizations to be as obsessed with technological excellence as the founding team. You will be joining a high-growth, venture-backed startup — led by co-founders who have founded and led multiple successful businesses — and will play a critical role in scaling our business into an entirely new mode of commerce!


Implement the components that bind complex routing, supply-demand, product, on-demand algorithms, and mass scale user communication into a complete, mission critical service.

Define and implement effective cloud infrastructure scaling solutions based on best-in-class standard tools.

Experiment with, test, develop, and scale new use cases for our product.

Work closely with the engineering, operations and data teams to ensure we’re providing a best-in-class product to our customers.


5+ years of backend programming experience.

Solid algorithms and data structures knowledge.

Fast learner - you can quickly master concepts, disciplines and methods.

Flexible team player with great communication skills.

Pragmatic - when you hear about a difficult problem you are able to simplify it so that you can easily solve it.

Concise - you get stuff done, in a simple, elegant way.

Obsessive about the customer experience and always looking for ways to improve it.

About Zing

Zing is reinventing the suburbs by bringing the convenience of city living to suburban neighborhoods. Our smart, modular, connected Zing-mobiles can be outfitted to create any retail or service experience, from mobile cafes to book fairs to costume shops and beyond. Our ever-improving algorithms route these vehicles to nodes of demand, providing pop-up service exactly where and when it’s needed. Whatever you’d expect on your block in the city, we’re parking on your corner in the ‘burbs. The Zing experience is designed to delight our customers because we understand that retail and service experiences aren’t just transactional, they’re an opportunity to connect with your community and to enjoy a few minutes’ break from the daily hustle. In offering an alternative to driving to the mall or ordering everything online, we’re not only creating an entirely new mode of suburban commerce, we’re bringing a bit of everyday magic to the suburbs.

Our first Zing-mobiles are on the streets of Bergen County, NJ, offering a boutique coffee shop experience. Follow us on Instagram (@zingtheday) and LinkedIn (Zing!) for updates on Zing in action!

We’re rethinking the suburbs.

Join the conversation.

We’re rethinking the suburbs. Join the conversation.

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